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Barefoot Contessa Parties- Ina Garten

All I need to add are bowls of gorgeous sliced cucumbers, tomato wedges, shards of good feta cheese, and a bowl of fresh greens. We all take pita bread and fill it with our favorite ingredients.
Ina Garten


Greek Olives

two or three slices of fresh lemon

few sprigs of fresh thyme

Tomatoes- wedges

Cucumber seeded and sliced

fresh dill

shards of good feta cheese



Greek Olives—the picture shows black and green Greek olives with two or three slices of fresh lemon and a few sprigs of fresh thyme on the top.

Tomatoes- wedges–the picture shows wedges of fresh tomatoes

Cucumber—the picture shows a hot house cucumber that has been seeded and then sliced(the hot house cucumbers we found did not look so lovely, so we took off some of the peel.) She had then sprinkled fresh dill over the top.

Feta— a bowl or plate with shards of good feta cheese.

Lettuce—the picture shows leaves of lettuce that have been assembled in a bowl to resemble a full head of lettuce. (Maybe the man at the Farmers’s Market will have his lettuce in January, he thinks he will have tomatoes around Christmas, if not then choose the freshest you can find.)


Foot Note
My ideal sandwich: lamb, tomato, cucumber, lettuce and tzatziki in pita bread.
Ina Garten

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